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released June 2, 2012

lyrics by chris ryan
music by grand hotel paradox

recorded & mixed by chris ryan in dubai/belfast april 2012
mastered by bob weston at chicago mastering service in may 2012

cover photo by samar alkhudhairi
artwork design by gyula deak

Released through abbreviatedrecords.com for CD and digital download release.




Grand Hotel Paradox Dubai, UAE

Nomadic DIY punk band elected into power in 2010.

Available at all good discount bins.

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Track Name: Playground Bullies
playground bullies; its a mafioso industry
shake down artists & venues for lunch money
victims to harass and sue, it's tantamount to cruel
major label thugs run the school

playground bullies; its a mafioso industry
but who is benefiting?
not the makers of the art, just the picture framers
and those who own the wall:

playground bullies. it’s a mafioso industry

copyright is your 'protection' from a masked enemy
but the mob makes the violence
speakeasies pay up for permission unknown
out of fear of retribution

age-old cartels dictate the rules
"stand in line and shut up"
just ignore the bullies, like your parents said
exist outside of their confines
Track Name: Big Battles / Small Men
you’re breaking hearts that can’t be mended by purple
these thoughts are common sense - they’re simple
how can you devalue a life because of a lie you were sold
by holy books laced in gold?
we’ve got to learn to break the mould:
kids have got to be taught, not told

this hypocritical thinking is creating victims
showing symptoms of ignorance and bewildering allegiance
to nothing but a flag and a border on a map
and it’s this ‘enemy’ that takes the rap
in the form of a gun or bomb attack
and you know that they’ll fight back

and when their kids grow up they’ll forever believe
that their daddies died for something,
and that he achieved more than corpses, death and hatred;
prejudice, fear and misled values from any holy book that never told truth
and never gave you, or me, or her, or them or the masses of youth
anything more than false hope

but there are those that profit off the pain and misery
and we can see the amount of jobs contracted privately
as a result of invading and then 'restoring peace' in a country
it doesn't take much intellect to see the positive effect on the economy
that the fight for 'freedom' brings; these are not things to be taken lightly
and consumed nightly like the nine o' clock news
you're unlikely to be brought truth.

i've said it once and i’ll say it again:
the history books are bound to berate the men
who’ve lost the battle between sword and pen
because the winner’s taken both of them
but it’s clear to me that one can see that there’s no real victory

yet the cycle starts again - big battles between small men
Track Name: Deeper Waters
isn’t it a bit too soon to be talking about salad days?
try paddling in some deeper waters
then you can tell me about making waves

this ‘big fish in a small pond’ syndrome deprives you of the oxygen of truth
asphyxiate on the words spread

hook, line & sinker: believe your own propaganda

hook, line & sinker: no urgency and desperation
Track Name: Home
you wander the desert but you're not sure if you're wise
because there are no leading stars left in the sky
the gifts you could bring, abandoned like hope
sand washes clean, glassy eyes cope

still can't find my way from here

i hope that this concourse informs me where to go
i think i’ve got time but how do i know?
tradition aborts you and justice fails every time
culture imported, residence is not crime
Track Name: Louder Than Lyrics
the only bars that we're behind are those of 4/4 signature time
and we are able to find the key much more easily

we are just the commentators - we're not in the boxing ring
we are just the war reporters, we've got to keep our hands clean

but dictators won't step down and economies won't shape up if you just sing

actions speak louder than lyrics
Track Name: Wake-Up Call
you've got to see the grass on the other side
and watch it turn from green to yellow and then die
in order to see in a new light, this place that we call home
this 'eden' of our own.

we need a wake-up call. not just once a lifetime - you'll find out that we need it every day

if you travel to see how the have-nots live, you get humbled but it doesn't last
you swallow the pill to see past the window sill, but it wears off fast
Track Name: Use Your Brain
a relaying back of my own words is no sign of a thought process
but if my words can be agreed on due to consideration
this implies consciousness

if my words are contradicted with a flimsy & unsubstantial foundation
then no note or care is given
but if my words are shown to be a farce, with reasons behind the premise
this is a true display of consciousness

never get caught short without a thought - use your brain

if the plan of the oppressed is not to come to a compromise
but to overthrow and in turn persecute their oppressors
then true equality cannot be obtained
“viva la revolution”, “let the people lead” is what they say
but this is simply a table turned and another unfair tipping of the scale

the only thing we have jurisdiction over in this life is our brains and our thoughts
if we allow the bliss of ignorance to overtake our minds, we will have nothing left
there is nothing worse than a premise decided on by pure regurgitation
not from thought and consideration but someone else’s opinion
Track Name: Rust
it seems like everybody is a singer-songwriter
I guess its not hard, i'm not gonna lie to you:
you just need a guitar and a story, some chords with a melody
a little power and money, rhythm and harmony
and its not a bad thing but it sucks when the songs they sing make you feel cheated
after actually conversing with the author of that song that used to mean something

it just goes to show that you should probably never meet your heroes,
not that i have any anyway
idols just seem to get in the way of your own thoughts and opinions as you adopt their gospel as truth
and i don't think that will fade with youth.

youth seems to me to be an excuse and a reason
to explain why you don't know what they say you'll learn as a 'man'
that 'one day' upon realising maturity when you can talk down to those of a lesser age
when actually you've really only found how to gauge your control
over those who are on the same page as you once were, back in your own day

"way back in the hey day"
may this be last i hear about someone who wants to stay in the past
a place that always looks better in hindsight
a place where you don't need to make light
of situations that just might have been a lot worse
and never actually worked out alright